Let’s face it; clearing clutter physically, mentally and emotionally can be a daunting task to say the least. Sometimes, it just helps to have the right tools to help you reach your goals. However if you are truly READY to work with an Intuitive Breakthrough Coach, I encourage you to CONNECT WITH ME now and see if it makes sense for you. In the meantime, have a look at some of the tools I have created that can get you started.


"Release The Clutter" is about connecting your external world (the physical space outside) with your internal world (the space inside of you) and releasing the clutter so you can make positive changes in your life. You see, the outer clutter always reflects the internal clutter and vice versa. Releasing clutter for any area of your life will move energy and flow to all areas of your life… They truly are all connected!

Organizing The Bedroom…From Cluttered Nightmares to Sweet Dreams Learn how to organize the room that you start and end your day in with the 6 step system. Use the worksheets to guide you through the mountain of clutter lurking in the closet. From the Master Bedroom to the Teen bedroom, the ebook is full of ideas that will transform all the bedrooms in your home into a peaceful sanctuary.

The Organizing Papertrail…Wrangle the Stampede of Paper Cut the paper clutter in your home and your home office. Paper organization can be simple and with this 6 step system you can take control today. Paper can be helpful and with the worksheets you can dig in and purge the paper clutter. This paper ebook is filled with paper organization tips that will help you to take control of the paper clutter forever. It also includes a 4 step system for dealing with the incoming paper.

Kitchen Organizing Set… My Kitchen is My Domain Learn how to take the hardest working room in the house and tame the clutter in 6 easy steps. Use the Worksheets to make a detailed home organization plan with the 6 step home organization system that was created and is used daily by our expert organizer. Get help on the final touches of your kitchen organization plan with the kitchen ebook. It is full of organization tips to help you organize everything from your kitchen cabinets to the coffee centre.

Organizing Your Mudroom.. Your Entrance Way, Launch Pad or Sand Trap This how to video will help you to tame your mudroom organization problems. Learn the 6 step system and find out how simple it will be to take your mudroom from a sand trap to a launch pad. The worksheets are there to help you and with the habit changing tips included in this set you will be loving your clutter controlled entrance. Take control of the finishing touches on your mudroom organization plan with all the tips in this mudroom ebook. It is full of ideas on how to maximize your storage of the mounds of clutter that enters and exits this busy launch pad.


Kaos Solutions offers workshops geared towards helping you and your group to release the clutter and get organized. Our seminars are fast paced and filled with practical and useful tips and tricks.

Our seminars are fast paced and filled with practical and useful tips and tricks.

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Home Organizing Video Series

Set of 4 Videos

A total of 60 minutes of Video Instruction PLUS over 70 pages of support materials in the worksheets and e-books.