Do you wondered what your life would be like without clutter?

Clutter, clutter, everywhere, Where can I possibly sit
Clutter, clutter, everywhere, How is it all going to fit
Clutter, clutter, everywhere, I'm so overwhelmed by all of it
Clutter, clutter, everywhere, It's time to deal with this sh!t

Has clutter been a problem most of your life? You just can't seem to get a handle on it. You try, you clean, you declutter, you tackle a space only to have it revert back to the same chaos again and again. Sometimes in life it is just not possible to solve a problem without new knowledge and help along the way. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Are you ready to get out of the insanity cycle? We can help!

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Services Include:

Home and Office Decluttering
Whole home organization
Closet de-cluttering and storage solutions
Basement, Garage, shed clear outs
Hobby and craft room planning and organizing
Special collections and display rooms
Hoarding and Chronic Disorganization services
Downsizing planning and implementation

If you are ready to work with a compassionate, non-judgemental clutter crew and experienced Chronic Disorganization Specialist the connect with Kim Eagles to get started!


Deciding what and how to let go of stuff, whether it be your own belongings or the stuff of a loved one. 

Change is tough: there is no way around it. But to improve your life, change is necessary, and having the presence of another person when sorting and purging can be very helpful. Someone who is objective, let's say a Clutter Coach (wink!). Whatever transition you may be facing at this moment and time, be it divorce, the death of a loved one, empty nest syndrome, or a personal makeover, I would love to come and help you get through this sometimes difficult process of tackling your clutter. 

Imagine having someone with you, a person who has zero judgement toward you, your stuff and only has your best interest at heart. Let's say you are holding something near and dear to you in your hands. You know something has to go, but while you are holding it, your emotions take over, memories flare up, and there's just no way you can let that object go.
Now think of having a Clutter Coach right there by your side, holding this same item for you while asking you thought provoking questions that will enable you to think clearly and make decisions that will impact your life and future in a positive way. By having someone hold the items for you while you choose to either toss, keep, or donate them will definitely lighten the load for you. It provides an opportunity for you to share why each item has such importance and then intuitively evaluate if that item will serve you well as your journey toward your big-picture goals. My job is NOT to decide for you what to keep and what to let go, but to guide and challenge you to think differently about your stuff and make decisions based on what is serving you NOW!
Here is what some of our clients have said about their life after we have worked together:

  • 'For the first time in my life I feel I am in control of  my space and life'
  • 'You saved my marriage, my sanity and ultimately my life'
  • 'We can actually get out of the door in the morning without someone crying! Amazing'
  • 'I actually have time to relax, enjoy life and laugh without feeling guilty'
  • 'My anxiety attacks when walking in the door everyday have disappeared...I LOVE my new clear space'

How does the thought of having your own Clutter Coach make you feel... Connect with Kim Eagles to find out how she can help you finally tackle that clutter once and for all.


When we Tackle Your Clutter, we will clear out whatever is holding you back emotionally, physically, mentally and/or spiritually. You will be guided and supported in owning your power and your life as you move forward in manifesting the life you desire.

If you are READY to tackle you clutter, GIVE ME A CALL TO SET UP YOUR FREE CONSULT... I would love to help.