Having to place a loved one in a home or losing someone you love is hard.  Having to deal with all the 'stuff' that is left in their space adds another layers of stress and pain to the upheaval.

At Kaos Solutions we strive to make clearing their estate quicker, easier and calmer on you and the family. We are dedicated to helping you maneuver that process, reduced the overall overwhelm of getting it done and help you keep calm and focused every step of the way. We strive to make the process as stress free as possible.

We are a full service company…consider us THE one in the family who is going take care of the stuff.  We have the experience and resources to make the process easy. We can plan, organize, sell, move, remove, donate, clean, stage, pack, all that stuff.

We can help with: 

Decison Making - We work with families to sort the belongings and assist with distribution. 
Estate Liquidation - Whether selling or donating we can take care of it all.
Junk Removal - We deal with the leftover garbage and removal.
Selling The Home - We can arrange for home staging for quicker house sale and work with agent to get it listed.

Professional Organizer Kim Eagles has been helping people deal with overwhelm of stuff for over 17 years.  She has the experience, knowledge and patience to help you step by step through this process of clearing your loved one's estate. 


As each estate is different in size and scope please call for a free consultation and assessment of your overall needs to ensure you get the right package and help you need.

If the estate is in The Greater Moncton area or South East New Brunswick Contact Kim for an in home consultation and quote.  

Package #1 Estate Clearing - Basic - $949

  • Assessment and creation of the plan of action to tackle the project 
  • 10 hours of service - Guidance for family to help them decided what to keep, packing, arrangement for donations/give away items and arrangement for some items to be sold.

Package #2 Estate Clearing - Moderate - $1499

  • Assessment and creation of the plan of action to tackle the project
  • 15 Hours of service -Guidance for family to help them decided what to keep. Assistance with packing, arrangement for donations/give away items and arrangement for some items to be sold.

Package #3 Estate Clearing - Premium - $2975

  • Assessment and creation of the plan of action to tackle the project
  • Overall management of estate clearing process
  • Guidance to help family review and decide what to keep
  • Removal of surplus items for donations
  • Arrangement for items to be sold - Auction, Marketplace, and other marketplaces as deemed appropriate.
  • Arrangement for removal of garbage (extra dumping fees may apply depending on volume)
  • Other task as may be decided during consultation and planning

Custom quote for an all inclusive project and large estates.

  • Add onsite auction coordination
  • Add packaging and shipping items
  • Add staging home to sell

Here are what some clients have said:

"We really enjoyed working with you. Your calm demeanour helped us thru the “KAOS” of cleaning out my parents house. With none of us living in Moncton, you made the process so much easier and took a big weight off our shoulders by taking the lead on this big job. Thanks again for everything."

"I can't beleive we had all that stuff, 17 truck loads of items sent to donation!  We were so overwhelmed by all the stuff that needed to be removed and so thankful for Kim and her crew for helping make the process so much easier.  Kim was so kind and patient with me as I struggled to decide what to keep and what to let go of, and her crew seemlessly hauled stuff as I made the decisions.  I now hear Kim's voice guiding me when I am thinking of letting something go."