Are you tired of seeing successful people around you easily achieving their goals and overcoming obstacles and wishing you were in their shoes?

I know, right? Those types of people make life look so easy! The thing is, you have that same desire and willingness to do what it takes to achieve your own goals and reach your dreams, no matter how big or small they may be. I know this because you are here reading this page.

The thing is, obstacles will show up in  your life whether you like it or not or whether you are ready for them or not. That’s just life. It is important to look at each challenge and see what is happening internally, to be able to analyze what your inner voice is saying to you. Is it talking you out of making changes towards your big-picture goal, or is it simply making you question whether your dreams are right for you? 

Whatever the case may be, if you have made the decision that you are ready to take action, seeking the help of an Intuitive Breakthrough Coach is your next move. As a Certified Emotional Fitness Coach and Theta Healing Practitioner, I have the knowledge and expertise to help you breakthrough that internal clutter and move forward towards making positive changes in your mindset and life.

What if we had the ability to affect how we heal? 

Theta Healing with Kim Eagles

Clutter has an effect on all aspects of your life: Your mind, body, soul and emotions.

Humor me and let’s do a little mental exercise:
Picture walking into your cluttered and messy kitchen after a hard day’s work. Your mind sees mess and chaos everywhere and you have no idea where to start to reinstate order. Your body tenses, your nose turns up at the smell, your neck gets stiff and yup – stress sets in! Your emotions react with disgust. “I can’t believe I let it get this bad!” Anger quickly follows: “Why can’t anyone else help me around here?” Next comes judgment: “How can we live this way?" And right on its heels comes depression: “I just can’t deal with it all!”
Your soul/beliefs connect to these reactions and in turn brings you more negative beliefs such as “I’m not good enough! I can’t keep up with everything on my daily ‘to do’ list!”
After all these internal reactions happen, you choose the external reaction – This is the action you take after listening to that type of mind chatter. Using the example above, let’s say you walk away disgusted and don’t eat anything because you can’t stand to look at your messy kitchen. This reaction could result is creating an unhealthy body which, over time, could lead to disease and then ultimately to death. Your cluttered messy kitchen could literally kill you!
I’m telling you this because I want you to understand how clutter affects you and every aspect of your daily living, even to the point it could literally cost you your life. Stress and overwhelm have been proven to lead to disease and illness. Learning to deal with all types of clutter will help you to control your reaction, your actions, and your life!

When we Calm Your Chaos, we will clarify your vision and direction for what you’re looking to get out of your physical environment, and then we will strategize and create an action plan to get you there.

Take the first step. Connect with me now and let's see if working with an Intuitive Breakthrough Coach is for you!