It Doesn’t matter where you start…what matters is that you do start! One room, one corner, one drawer…anywhere, Just START De-Cluttering!

How much stuff is too much?  If I had to guess, if you are asking yourself this question you already think you have too much stuff, or someone in your life has told you that you have too much stuff. Am I right?

the amount of stuff that each individual has surrounding them is unique for each individual.  We all have our own thresholds and comfort levels of how much is enough. There is no right or wrong to this question.  If you look around your space and think…oh I have too much crap, then that is a good sign you need to de-clutter.  If on the other hand you look around your space and think…ahh I love this place, it feels like home and I love to relax surrounded by all this much  love stuff, then that is a good sign you are happy with the level of stuff in your space.

The tricky part comes when you share space with others and you each have different levels of comfort.  In this case I suggest you each allow the other to have their particular space the way they want it…and compromise on the shared spaces so each of you are happy.  A loving relationship is based on understanding and compromise, understanding that the other is not affected by clutter the same way you are can help to come up with the right solutions for your household.  Sometimes you need to just walk away from the garage and let your hubby surround himself with the chaos he craves…but insist that in the bedroom things are peaceful and tidy.

Happy De-cluttering,


I often get approached by relatives of hoarders or extreme clutterers (some do not want to be identified as hoarder as the level of clutter is not extreme). They often want to know if I can help their relative change their ways…well here is my question back to them: Does this relative WANT to change their ways?

When life seems to be so overwhelming I can’t think straight, I often use meditation as a way to stop  for a minute and allow myself to just be.  If you are like me, my mind is going a million miles a minute and the clutter that gets stuck in there does not serve me.

I will admit I have been a little overwhelmed lately by the volume of  tasks I want to accomplish.  In today’s fast paced world I feel that things are moving at such break neck speed that it is almost impossible to keep up with all the information coming at me and as a result all the things I would like to add to my ‘to-do’ list.  So many good ideas…so little time.