Walking today in a favorite small park near my home that is under construction got me to thinking how messy things get when we start to build,renovate or rebuild.

clear the space and finally start the build. This goes for us as well…when we feel that it is time for change we must first release the old, those things that

are holding us back and not serving us anymore. This gets messy, can be painful and sometimes takes a long time (ever watch a reno show…it gets tough). If we try to build over the old, often things are off, the foundations start to crumble and it all falls apart eventually.

Sometimes we need to knock things down, dig things up and remove old crap in order to repair or build new awesomeness in our life.


Being a coach for others often creates the feelings in me that I have to be perfect myself and that asking for help means I don’t have my own shit together…and if I don’t have my own shit together

how can I help others get theirs. Here is what I have learned…the hard way I might add. I am not perfect and that is what makes me a good coach.I have struggles, I have obstacles and I have shit that gets cluttered in my own life that I have to deal with. If I did not have stuff to deal with I would not be learning and growing. But one thing I have always had a hard time doing is asking for help, asking for coaching myself… and guess what…things have gotten hard, and lonely and down right miserable.

This past summer I retreated into myself, as I talked about in another post Every Ending is a New Beginning I had a lot of endings to deal with…and I thought I needed to deal with them totally by myself…and I do feel it is important to spend time with myself, meditate on things and work things out in my own soul. But what I have come to realize is that it is OKAY to also seek out help and guidance…it does not show others I am weak, it does not mean I am a failure and it does not have to bring judgement upon me.

What a good coach does is help me figure things out, guides me to think about things I may have not thought about before and for me my coaches help me move forward with support and encouragement. They are my TEAM…They are instrumental in keeping me from going totally mental Ha! Ha!

It took me all summer of shutting myself down to finally realize that I needed someone to help me move forward and a good coach is not there to judge me…to ‘make’ me feel bad about myself and what I have not accomplished yet…NOBODY CAN MAKE ME FEEL OR DO ANYTHING…I choose to feel what I feel, I choose to act or not act…I choose! And being on my own I was regressing into a negative, self judgmental pit that I knew was not where I wanted to be or who I authentically was. I needed help!

I was scared…but it had nothing to do with being scared of my coach and everything to do with my own limiting beliefs…I was scared of myself and what I might discover. But guess what…It was not as scary as I thought…was it easy? no…did I cry at points? yes! Do I have more work to do? ALWAYS! But I took the step…I am moving forward to being the best me I can be…and with a good coach I am allowing myself to ask for help.


Love Kim


I have been struggling this week to get in front of the camera to create some videos for a course

I want to do… but I seem to keep picking them apart and not getting anything done… so today I challenged myself to just hit record and get use to talking on camera…no matter the bad hair, the background noise or any other excuse I have used these past few weeks. So here is my walk talk for the day. It’s not perfect but it’s a start.

Does wanting to be perfect stop you from taking action and moving forward? This perfection paralysis can affect a lot of us and it stops us from actually doing the things we want to do, or we keep trying to do it again and again looking for perfection…but never really feel it is good enough to share so it never really gets 'done'.

What is on your list that you really want to do but have been putting off? I challenge you today to just start and move forward. Even if its just one step…start!! perfection is not the goal…action is! Just Do It!

Bonus: I ran into a few obstacles on my walk this morning. These fallen trees have been on this path for awhile now and I keep climbing over them or going around them. I had an ah ha moment this morning… why did I not just move them out of my way? It seems silly to me that I have been going around or over them for days now and never thought to just move them out of the way. These obstacles were not that big, I CAN MOVE THEM OUT OF MY WAY! Wow so simple!

Why do we let silly little obstacles stop us on our path? Why do we think we have to go over or around them if they are not that big? Why would I continue to climb over the same small obstacles over and over. So I moved them today. They are now gone and the path is clear. And guess what happened after? I got thanked for moving them! These obstacles/trees are now out of other peoples way too…Not only did I remove them for my own good but I also removed them for others that travel this same path! That makes my extra effort so worth my time and energy!!

Wishing you all peace and love today! xox Kim

PS Thanks to all those that have given me some advice to get better…next one will be widescreen!

How do we get rid of the guilt of needing time to ourselves in a busy world? I am still working on that how, but I have made the connection that my soul needs down time…almost the same amount of down time as

I need uptime. that is who I am, that is how I function, that is what I need. The past few years as I have fought that, I have tried to follows others examples of how they function, I have tried to change my patterns and be like other productive people…and guess what happened? I crashed and burned, suffered anxiety attacks, cried a lot (not in front of anyone of course) and general became miserable. I don’t like miserable and I am not going to take it anymore.

I am now choosing me, choosing to take the quiet time I need for the simple fact that I need it. I am choosing to see me for who I am and not compare myself to others. I am choosing to move forward in my way, I am choosing my life not someone else’s. I am perfectly imperfect and that is okay. I will continue to learn, continue to work hard, continue to grow…but I will also play, laugh, climb trees and retreat when I need to. For me downtime is a must have to be healthy…so I am gonna take it!

Peace and Joy to you all!


Me and my shadow took a moment this morning on our walk to just sit and think. I find my day goes so much smoother if I can start it off with this thinking time.

Listening to ourselves is such a lost art in this noisy world. Our lives are so busy and there is so much going on around us that quiet time and thinking time is often forgotten. Yet it is so important to be able to hear yourself, think into your life and think about what you are thinking…not just going about life doing!So today…go find a nice quiet spot, take some deep breaths and just think about what you are thinking. Listen to yourself. Be kind. Let the thoughts come and go. Then ask yourself what is next and just listen for the answer. It is there in the quiet!

xox Kim