Decorating the Christmas treeWell it is almost December and for most it is time to start decorating for the jolly season.  Some of us Christmas fanatics have already got our trees up and are ready to party, but for most now is the time to get it done!  I love decorating for this season, being organized is key for me to get things up and done quickly, but being organized for christmas decor normally starts the year before during the undecorating!  

For now here are my tips for organizing your decorating tasks for the season:

  • If you do not have any organization to your Christmas boxes then plan the time to get all your Christmas decor out and in one central place so you can take inventory of what you have.
  • Sort your decor according to what it is or where it will or may be used- Outdoor decor, kitchen items & decor, tree ornaments, etc.
  • Pick the place you most want to get done right away and grab the sorted piles and get work.
  • It is a great time to have a box set aside for those things you no longer need, use or love.  There are lots of organizations and people out there who would love your cast offs so pay it forward and donate those items now.  it is so much better to give them away BEFORE Christmas so they can be used this year.
  • Keep things simple if you do not love to decorate, a nice tree, a few key decorating items and some strategically placed Christmas lights can sparkle any place up quickly. If you want some inspiration check out  my Pinterest Christmas page. 
  • To make it fun get the family involved or invite some friends over for a decorating party!  

Week 4 Checklist…

CHRISTMAS PLANNERHere we go...5 weeks and counting. My goal is to help you simplify your Chritmas so you can enjoy the time and have some fun.  The holidays can bring out a lot of stress and gift giving is one thing that can not only mentally stress us...trying to figure out what everyone 'wants', 'needs' and will 'appreciate' but also can stress out pocket book.  Over spending and credit card bills is enough to drive us over the edge.  

We put a lot of pressure on each other to get the right gifts and it seems some days that you can never get it right.  What happened to the saying that it isn't the size of the gift that matters but the thought behind it. I truely beleive that if you put some thought behind the gift, add some love, then you truely can't go wrong. Our homes are over run with too much stuff we need more gadgets and gizmos that will clutter it up more?  Really take the time this year to think about this.  

I got real simple with gifts years ago, I LOVE to bake Christmas cookies so almost eveyone on my list gets cookies - parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neices, nephews, cousins. Because I would much rather spend my time baking than shopping.  If you are a crafter, spend your time crafting something for your loved ones. If you love to shop and have the budget then go at it...have fun!  I still shop as I do have kids and a husband who do not want any more cookies lol...but I keep it simple, just one or two key gifts, some traditional stocking stuffers that they expect and a maybe something fun to play with (kids are 18 and 21 so they mostly want cash haha).

To me it is all about the fun and caring, gift giving is about honoring the person you are giving to...the 'thing' you give them is just a symbol of that love, a token used in the ceremony for you to say 'I honor you' and as a recipient for us to say thank you. Remember the 'thing' is not what counts, it is the thought that counts.  So you DO NOT HAVE TO KEEP THAT THING FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND NEITHER DO THEY.  GOT IT? 


The road to a peaceful and fun holiday season starts with a little bit of planning. For the next 6 weeks I am going to share my best Holiday Organizing Tips so you can enjoy the 2016 Holiday Season spending time as you choose and relatively stress free. Sorry I cannot guarantee ‘relative’ free haha!

I also encourage you to comment and share your own ideas of what works for you.

Let’s Get Started

What are the holidays about for you?

Sit and think about this for a minute to really embrace what this time of year is all about for you and your family.

What parts do you love?  What parts stress you out? Do you love entertaining? Do you love to shop for gifts? do you love to bake? Do you love all the beautiful decorations and spending time making your home pretty?

I encourage you to spend time on the things you love to do.  Minimize the time on stuff you don’t enjoy. De-cluttering and clearing out the stuff on your list that you do not need or love to do.

cost of clutterLet’s be real, no one is perfect and very few people have everything perfectly organized, neat and clutter free. I have never preached perfection.  However in my more than a decade in the organizing business I am confident in saying that clutter and disorganization can result in some pretty hefty costs if not dealt with at all.  It can get out of control be too much.

From my experience here are the top 5 costs of clutter and disorganization:

#1 MONEY!  Yup cold hard cash. 

Clutter can cost you lots of money in lost sales if disorganization causes you to not follow up with clients, not get back to clients or truth be told piss off clients because you cannot get your shit together and you miss deadlines, you lose things or you straight up forget things because you have no system, too much on your plate and disorganization reigns in your life.

Disorganization can cost you money when you don’t pay bills in time- those late penalty fees can really add up

Clutter can also cause you to have to buy something again…because you just can’t find something you know you have but can’t find in all the clutter.

How much is your time worth?  Disorganization can cost you lots of lost pay time that is not billable, instead you spend time looking for things and digging through piles instead of on activities that actually bring in income.

Is clutter badIs Clutter Bad?

Does clutter just happen in your space? Have you been surrounded by mess and disorganization your whole life?

Listen up, clutter is a symbol in your life. Only you can decided what that symbol means to you by how it makes you feel. Your outside world reflects your inside world. If the clutter around you is overwhelming, frustrating and out of control then I will guess that your mind and emotions also feel overwhelmed, frustrated and out of control.

On the flip side clutter may not bug you at fact it may comfort or inspire you. Some people love their collections, their books and their knick knacks, they feel safe and happy surrounded by their stuff. Some people need the clutter to get their creative juices flowing, have you ever seen an art studio or craft room that is not at least a little chaotic?