go play

I love to take time out to go play. Sometimes I don't have a lot of time but often, when I am extremely busy, finding time to get outside and take a break is even more important. You don't have to take the whole day, just take a few minutes to go swing on the swings, slide on the slide, walk in the park...or just watch the zamboni clear the ice lol! 

We are not on this earth to just work, work, work...so give yourself permission to take a BREATHER and GO PLAY!

The Daily Exhale Starts Today!

I have more and more clients that I am working with that are dealing with anxiety, depression and overwhelm that I decided that this year we need to concentrate on taking the time to grounding ourselves and learning how to just breathe.

You don't have to spend hours and hours in a meditative state to do this...it can be done in just a few minutes with a few focused breaths in and deep flowing exhales.  Get quiet and listen to yourself and your body!  This is the year to calm down and live in the now!

So enjoy the first daily exhale video...there will be more to come! 

xoxo Kim

HolidayStressThe stockings are hung by the chimney with care in hopes that St Nicholas soon will be there…

You are probably not quite ready for stocking hanging, but with all of the preparation that you have done in the past 6 weeks you are most likely feeling a bit more together than usual for this time of year…at least I hope so.

That is the point…all the organizing and preparing enables you to slide through this last week, as opposed to frantically clawing your way through it. Take the time this week to enjoy the festivities and take care of yourself too. So many people get sick this time of the year and I believe that the stress we put ourselves through is a big contributor.

Self Care During the Holidays:

- Give Yourself Permission- lose the guilt and allow yourself the time you need to just be. If you need to spend some time meditating, going to yoga, relaxing with a good holiday movie…then do it! Give yourself permission to enjoy this time and to look after yourself. You are worth it!!

- Say No if you want- If there is just too many events and activities on your agenda then purge the least important and just say NO. Managing your time during the Holiday season is important to keep the stress down.

- Be in the NOW- Enjoy this Holiday season by living in the now…enjoy the moments you spend with family and friends without constantly worrying about what comes next. Breathe in the wonderful smells that surround you while you are cooking and pause a moment when you take that bite of Christmas Shortbread… use your senses and enjoy the moments!

Wow the time is going fast now, only 2 weeks till the big day. We are now heading into the home stretch where parties are plentiful and shopping is crazy.

anna and I at wendysAs the weeks pass the holiday parties are coming fast and furious. Office parties, Association and club get togethers, playschool cookie exchanges, socials, family gathering….an endless list of invitations. There are only so many hours in the day, with a limited amount of energy to take it all in. Back in the days when Martha Ruled it was about bigger, better, sparklier…however, these days it is about managing expectations and taking on only what you can reasonably do or manage.  

Holiday Entertaining Tips and Tricks...