Mindfulness while eating

How many of you reading this rush through your day, skipping meals or woofing down your food in between your 'to do list' doing?  

Today's daily exhale is about taking a few moments during your eating to be fully present to the experience of eating.  To acknowledge the food you are eating, taking a moment to be grateful and pay attention to your body eating.  Lunch time is a great time for some mindfulness while eating - turn off the distractions, take a breath in and long breath out and be grateful for what you have and what you are about to eat.  

Exhale all that stress around you before you eat and stay for a few minutes in the state of gratitude!

Take time to BREATHE today!


Chill out while driving 1The Daily Exhale: Chill Out While Driving

Being in the car is a great opportunity to take a few extra breaths and calm down. Pay attention to what you are listening to and if you need some chill out time put some nice calm music on and do some breathing.

if you are sayiing 'yeah right Kim, the kids are in the car and all heck is breaking lose' then you need to listen to this more than anyone. GET KIDS TO PLAY ALONG! That is right you heard me...get the kids to play with their breath too, make it fun, make it silly. 3 breaths in...4 breaths out...fast, fast, slow! instead of duck, duck goose hahaha!

The point is that you can take the time to mindfully breathe no matter where you are and the car is a great place to do that!

Keep Breathing Folks!! xox Kim

Shhhlisten 1The Daily Exhale: Shhh...Listen

Today is all about taking the time to stop and listen to the sounds around you, to appreciate the ability to hear. Stop and listen to your breath...just BREATHE!

As I was on my walk today on this very windy day I stopped at this fence to take a moment to enjoy the view. As I was standing here I noticed some pretty cool sounds...although it did not come through on this video very well but if you pay close attention you can hear the pipe music just barely. I think it is funny that the sound of the running water is quite loud but I never noticed it when I was actually there. Just goes to show you that when you take the time, you will hear different things even from the same exact spot! Take some time today to be quiet and listen! xox Kim

 The Daily Exhale: Brain Dump

When I am feeling overwhelmed and have a head full of clutter I do what I call a brain dump. Releasing all the crap in my head onto a piece of paper helps to clear the space and give me room to think.  Once it is on paper I go through the 4 D's to categorize each item - Do I need to DO it, Delegate it, Delay it or Delete it?  

If you want some more information on the Retreat I mentioned and you are a woman who is ready to take a breather from your everyday chaos to take the time to Release, Dream and Breathe...go check it out at www.CampExhale.com  It is going to be awesome!!!!

Anxiety meditation

The Daily Exhale: Anxiety Meditation

Anxiety is at an all time high in todays fast moving world.  OUr bodies have not evolved enough to actually be able to cope with the stimulus that is coming at us each day which results in overwhelm, panic attacks, anxiety attacks and depression.  From my own experience I had to take some time out and learn to cope with all the stress and demands that were coming at me. 

Meditation was one of the coping mechanisms that worked for me...learning to just BREATHE and be in the moments.

Listen to the video below and I will take you through a short releasing meditation to help you Exhale today!