Wow the time is going fast now, only 2 weeks till the big day. We are now heading into the home stretch where parties are plentiful and shopping is crazy.

anna and I at wendysAs the weeks pass the holiday parties are coming fast and furious. Office parties, Association and club get togethers, playschool cookie exchanges, socials, family gathering….an endless list of invitations. There are only so many hours in the day, with a limited amount of energy to take it all in. Back in the days when Martha Ruled it was about bigger, better, sparklier…however, these days it is about managing expectations and taking on only what you can reasonably do or manage.  

Holiday Entertaining Tips and Tricks...

Decorating the Christmas treeWell it is almost December and for most it is time to start decorating for the jolly season.  Some of us Christmas fanatics have already got our trees up and are ready to party, but for most now is the time to get it done!  I love decorating for this season, being organized is key for me to get things up and done quickly, but being organized for christmas decor normally starts the year before during the undecorating!  

For now here are my tips for organizing your decorating tasks for the season:

  • If you do not have any organization to your Christmas boxes then plan the time to get all your Christmas decor out and in one central place so you can take inventory of what you have.
  • Sort your decor according to what it is or where it will or may be used- Outdoor decor, kitchen items & decor, tree ornaments, etc.
  • Pick the place you most want to get done right away and grab the sorted piles and get work.
  • It is a great time to have a box set aside for those things you no longer need, use or love.  There are lots of organizations and people out there who would love your cast offs so pay it forward and donate those items now.  it is so much better to give them away BEFORE Christmas so they can be used this year.
  • Keep things simple if you do not love to decorate, a nice tree, a few key decorating items and some strategically placed Christmas lights can sparkle any place up quickly. If you want some inspiration check out  my Pinterest Christmas page. 
  • To make it fun get the family involved or invite some friends over for a decorating party!  

Week 4 Checklist…