3 tips to stop moving clutter from one room to anotherWhen you tackle a decluttering projects do you find yourself moving your clutter from one spot to another, making a bigger mess everywhere you go by spreading the clutter all around?

Being organized in your approach to decluttering can help stop the chaos from spreading and help you stay focused on the area you are working in.

I use to have this problem all the time, I would routinely make a bigger mess everywhere else as I was tackling a space, only to run out of time to tackled the other spaces I ‘messed up’ as I went. But over the past 12 years of being a professional Organizer I have learned the system to staying focused and getting a job done! Thank Goodness or I might have been out of a job if I made clients spaces messier than when I started lol

Tips to stay focused:

SORT IT OUT – before you move anything anywhere else think about what this clutter is, what goes together, and think about where it actually belongs. Have a box for the other areas in the home that the stuff that is moving actually belongs. Keep like with like to make putting it back easier after.

BE RUTHLESS AND REDUCE – Realize that to actually declutter you have to let things go not just move them around. Reduce – Reduce –Reduce. It’s all about simplifying your life and to do that you have to simplify how much stuff you have. Does this stuff serve you NOW? No, then let it go!

GIVE IT A HOME – To be organized everything has to have a home to live. Make the decisions while you go and decide where these things should live. PLAN the time to actually do this step so you don’t end up with a bunch of boxes full of stuff with no home.

stop moving clutterI know lots of you will resist the reducing and use the excuse that the stuff is important, I can’t possibly give it away. You have to be HONEST with yourself and make the decision of what you want your space to be, do you want it to be a peaceful calm home for you or do you want it to be a storage space for your stuff. You decide!!

If you have had enough of the clutter and struggle with tackling it on your own, check out my decluttering packages. Together we can get it done quicker, easier and I am a pro at keeping you focused on the task at hand!

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5 Steps to Dealing with the Overwhelm of Too Much StuffIs your home stacked full of too much stuff? Are you overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stuff you have and have no idea what to do with it all?

Imagine living in a space that is clear, clean and uncluttered. Imagine a simplified life where you can move around your space easily. Imagine being able to find your stuff.

The overwhelm in your space can affect your mental state. I had a client dealing with major depression and the overwhelm around his home was too much for him to handle. While he was away we spent several days clearing out the space and organizing the home. When he arrived home it totally transformed how he felt in that space and his road to recovery was helped by the fact that their space was less overwhelming.

it is important to understand the connections between your environment and your mental and emotional states. There is a huge connection there. Dealing with that overwhelm of having too much stuff can affect your health.


Breathe – I want you to take a deep breath in and a deep breath out! Calm yourself down, breathe and ground yourself first.

Dream – What do you want? How do you want your space to feel, what do you dream for your space, what does it feel like? Understanding the end results before you tackle the stuff.

** Decide to take ACTION – You have to take action to make any movement forward. You have to decide you are worth it, your family is worth it and your home is worth it. You have to take ACTION!

Break It Down – Plan out what you are going to do. Pick a spot to start. If everything is driving you crazy start with your bedroom, it is the first thing you see in the morning and last space you see every night. Break it down into the spaces you are going to tackle first.

Get Help – If you cannot get it done on your own, if you have struggled trying to do it yourself then get help. If you do not have the skills to do it on your own, stop beating yourself up for not being good at decluttering or organizing and not having those skills. If you want my help check out my Declutter Packages.

I know some of you beat yourself up thinking it should be easy. Well it is NOT. Only 15% of the population is naturally organized, some of us are great at teaching and coaching too. I am sure there are lots of things you are better than others at, we cannot all be experts in all fields. So if you are struggling, ask for some help and guidance.   

And don't forget to BREATHE!!

PS Here is the link to the Declutter Packages

Resolve to let the clutter go this year 1

We have become of society that is overwhelmed with everything that is coming at us and everything that is surrounding us. The rates of anxiety and depression have skyrocketed over the past 10 years and I truly believe that some of the cause is that we are surrounded by too much…too much stuff, too much information, too much constant binging and notifications, too many demands on our money, on our time, on our mind and our emotions. We just can’t take it anymore.

Your outer world reflects your inner world, and vice versa. If there is too much physical clutter in your life, your mind, body and spirit react to that and get overwhelmed. Overwhelmed bodies get sick, overwhelmed minds get scattered and jittery (anxiety) and overwhelmed spirits retreat (depression).

It’s time to clear that out and take back your life! Resolve to clear the clutter this year.

Some examples of great decluttering resolutions include:

Resolving to clear out certain areas of your space –

This year:

I am going to create a bedroom that is my retreat from the world.
I am going to declutter and organize my kitchen to support healthier eating habits.
I am going to get my car IN the garage.
I am going to keep only what supports my life now and pay it forward all the stuff I do not need, use or want anymore.

Resolving to clear mental clutter-

This year:
I am going to turn off notifications and take time to disconnect
I am going to say NO more often to things I do not want to do
I am going to stop worrying about what is not mine

Resolving to clear spiritual/emotional clutter:

This year:
I am going to take time to be still and breath
I am going to learn to breath and not react in anger so easily
I am going to go to a yoga class
I am going to learn to meditate
I am going to release my limiting beliefs and work on focusing on beliefs that empower me.

What's the secret to sticking with them?

It takes perseverance and determination to release old habits and create new ones. If you try to do too much at once you most likely will not be successful. My advice is to pick one area and start there. Stick with it and be okay when you fall off the wagon for a minute. Don’t spend time beating yourself up for falling off…just get back on and try again. Then add more as you get comfortable. It’s like starting at the gym, you don’t go in and immediately start running 20km…you work your way up to whatever your goal is. Little by little, bite by bite, one piece of clutter at a time!

How do we keep from feeling overwhelmed when we tackle that first task?

Breathe! Know that you are taking on a new challenge and learning new skills as you go, so you won’t be an expert when you first start and that is okay! Just breath and keep moving forward.

Find people or a group to support you through the process. Join my clutter support group on Facebook or find your own little group to work though the process together.

If the task is way over your skill set and you have failed at it in the past, then please hire a coach to help you through it. There is nothing wrong with asking for help for something that is not your strong suit. We don’t think twice about getting a coach or taking a course to learn to golf, ski or even learn business skills so why would you be hesitant to get a coach to help you learn to declutter and let go if that is what you need!

What if the clutter in your space is someone else' children who've moved out or parents who've decided to downsize and send all their stuff your way?

First – if it is in YOUR house, it is your clutter. So keep that in mind when dealing with other people’s stuff who do not live in your house.

For kids who have grown and moved out, it is a matter of gathering it all up and asking them if they want it. You cannot know what is important to other people, so ask them. Then give them a deadline to get it out of your space. If the kids are still in University or are just starting to get settled but not quite there yet, then you need to make the decision of how long you want to be their storage unit. A few months, a few years, a few decades?? There is nothing wrong with holding their stuff for a while IF you have the room and it is not interfering in your life!

Downsizing parents are a whole other ball game. My next book coming out this year is all about solving the downsizing dilemma. Parents want to give us all their stuff to make it easier on them to let it go…which results in us becoming the family landfill. The biggest things I can say here is learn to say NO thank you and then help them figure out how to let it go gently. They need to learn that their kids don’t want all their stuff……and stay tuned for the book launch in the next couple of months.

Resolving to releast the clutter this year will set you free to have the life you deserve and desire.  

Wishing you all peace and calm,


Listen here to my Interview on this subject on CBC Information Morning with Jonna Brewer


Post Christmas Wrap Up: Un-Decorating

Well Christmas is over for another year and although there are still lots of festivities going on as we prepare for New Years it is time to think about putting away all our Christmas and Holiday decor…Boxing Up Day can be anytime from now till early January. You know, the day to box all that decor up for another year! I can tell you from experience that by taking the time now to put away your decorations in an organized way, will save you lots of time and frustration come next year. As a self professed Christmas nut I have 4 trees and loads of decorations that I put up every year and subsequently need to put away. By having lots of Rubbermaid containers and labelling the boxes really well it allows me to be able to easily decorate next year.

The following are a few tips for Un-Decorating this year:

• Take the time this year to put decorations away carefully. A few extra minutes this year can save you hours next year.
• Take pictures before you un-decorate and keep them in your Christmas journal for reference next year.
• Decide on a location to store seasonal decorations, large Rubbermaid containers store lots of decorations and can be stacked to use vertical space.
• Store decorations by room/category- e.g. living room décor, living room tree; Kitchen décor, Christmas baking supplies; Christmas entertaining; Outdoor décor, Outdoor lights.
• LABEL all your boxes, the more detailed the label the better.
• Store individual light sets in plastic bags to keep them from tangling together or wrap them on a reel. This works well for beads and garland as well.
• Store candles in socks or nylons to prevent scratching
• When putting tree ornaments away ensure they are carefully wrapped to prevent breakage. They can be layered in boxes with heavier ones on bottom. If they are very fragile consider storing them in the boxes they came in or invest in Christmas ornament boxes, they are little more money but will safeguard those antique ornaments of your grandmothers that are priceless. Another idea is to use plastic or foam cups to put them in and keep them separate.
• Store Christmas music with your seasonal stuff, I always make sure the music is on top and easy to access as it is the first thing that come out (Kenny and Dolly are always the first CD to be played while decorating).

Happy Un-Decorating and if you have any suggestions or tips that help you stay organized while Un-Deocrating please leave a comment and share with us.


finding time to declutterAre you frustrated by the chaos that surrounds you and you just can’t seem to find the time to deal with it?

It is time to control your time and do the things that are important to you to get done!

I have had times in my life when life was crazy and staying on top of clutter was just not a priority. I get that life is busy. When my son Cameron was home for 3 months with a concussion, it was all I could do to keep on top of my client’s clutter and look after him. My house got a little chaotic and messy. But when it got to the point that is was starting to affect how I was dealing with life, I scheduled the time to get it back on track.

Here are 4 Things that you can do to find time to declutter:

1) FIND YOUR WHY! Why do you need to declutter, what is your compelling reason for finding the time to declutter? If you don’t have a compelling reason, you won’t do it. For me, my why is that clutter affects my mental health…outside chaos causes inside chaos and I do not want to live with anxiety all the time. For me, a calm house means a calm mind! Why do you want to take control of your clutter…find that reason!

2) DECIDE TO TAKE ACTION! You have to decide that your why is compelling enough to take action. Make the decision to move forward and make it a must.

3) HIRE HELP! If you cannot move forward on your own, then hire help. Spending money on hiring help will make you, make the time to do it! Professional help will get it done faster and easier as well.

4) SCHEDULE THE TIME! If you schedule it, you make it a priority in your life to get it done.

I can hear you now saying ‘there just is not enough hours in the day to do it!’. Well here is the thing, we all have 24 hours in the day. We all have the same exact amount of hours to get things done. So why can others find the time and you cannot? Well the answer is in the 4 things you can do above – you have to find your why, decide to take action, hire help and schedule the time. Make it a PRIORITY!

My mission in life is to help you take action to create an environment and a life that allows you to live fully, peacefully and calmly. Set up a time now to chat about my coaching programs and how I can help you create peace in your life.

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