Todays topic is about living with a non declutterer. Do you have people in your household who do not seem to care about the clutter that surrounds you? You get angry and frustrated that nobody else sees it or will take any initiative to clear it out?

It is possible to live with a non declutterer. I totally understand your frustrations as I have a husband who is a non declutterer. He either doesn’t see it and it does not bother him or if it is in an area where it does get to him he will gather it up and dump it someplace out of sight…and out of his mind, but drives me out of my mind lol.

We have been married for over 26 years now, so I am a testament to the fact that you can happily and peacefully live with a non declutterer.

Living Peacefully with a non declutterer pinterest picHere are my tried and true tips on living peacefully with a non declutterer…not all of them are easy and they all require you to change you mind frame!

  1. Stop expecting them to change! Stop fighting their natural tendencies/weaknesses and expecting them to care about what you care about or see what you see or be bothered by the stuff you are bothered by. You cannot change them…you can only change how you react to them.
  2. Make it easy for them to make decisions on clutter! Make it easy for them to be part of the process. When you start to declutter create a pile of their stuff to make decisions- then go through it with them quickly just making quick decisions if possible.
  3. Get Help! Is there someone who you know who can help you, someone who is non judgemental and help you move through the process. In our house it’s my daughter who is good at it and loves to help. If you do not have someone you can call on then it’s time to call me, a clutter coach can help you move through the piles faster, quicker and with support and understanding. Check out my declutter packages and give me a call today!
  4. LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY! Or you will end up nagging uncontrollably! You have to make that decisions to love them for all the wonderful things are and let go of the expectations of them being something else.

I know lots of you are saying ‘if they would just care’…the problem is you can’t make them care, you can’t make someone care about something that they don’t. Just like you cannot make yourself not care about it. You have to embrace who they are and who you are and be able to love each other unconditionally and work together on your strengths. They may have strengths that you do not so embrace the good and let go of the expectation of change.

I wish for you a peaceful calm home, life and family. That is what my job is all about and why I do what I do. I really believe that we have so much chaos going on in the world that you should be able to walk into your house, take a deep breath and that be your place of peace and joy.

If you live with someone who cannot help you, I am here to help! That is why I have created my Decluttering packages…to support you through the process of creating this calm!

Check them out today and give me a call to set up time to get started.