decluttering struggle do you get stuck in memory lane

Do you get stuck in your memories when you try to declutter?  Taking so much time because you take a long trip down memory lane for each things you touch that you never actually get things done?

There are some tricks you can use to keep yourself on track and keep moving.  You Can Do This!

Imagine being able to honour the memories and still get through the piles.

My Dad is famous for his stories and when I was helping him downsize I found he took forever if he had an audience to tell his stories to. We got to the point where we had to give him assignments and send him off to do it himself because he got stuck in telling the story if he had someone to tell it to.  On his own he managed to move forward with moving deadlines keeping him going.

Everything has a story when you bring it into the light.  But you can move forward and make progress if you are determined.

Here are my top 4 tips for dealing with going down memory lane without getting stuck too long:

Understand Your Own Personal Tendencies – memories bring out emotions and if you are an emotional person it may take you longer to deal with these things.  Embrace the fact you may need more time than others and allow yourself to feel the feelings…just don’t get stuck there.

One Pile at A Time – don’t overwhelm yourself with a whole room when you start.  Do one pile/box at a time and reward yourself for each pile you get through.

set a timer to keep you on trackSet A Timer – give yourself a specific amount of time to trick your brain into keeping you on task.  If your mind knows its being timed it will do what it can to get things done in that time.  Be honest and realistic in your timing so you do not set yourself up for failure.

Preserve The Memory – take a picture of the object to help you preserve the memory without keeping everything you touch.  If you are a story teller, take the picture, then later when you have time do a video or journal about the memory!

It may feel like you will never get through the piles but I encourage you to take it one pile at a time, one box at a time.  The way to success is to keep moving forward no matter how slow.  Take a step, then another. 

If you are really struggling and can’t seem to get yourself moving on your own, give me a call.  My passion and mission in life is to help people like you to clear the overwhelm and live a peaceful calm life!  I can do that in person in the Greater Moncton Area or coach you virtually online.  Just don’t give up and do nothing!

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Wishing you a peaceful calm day!