3 tips to stop moving clutter from one room to anotherWhen you tackle a decluttering projects do you find yourself moving your clutter from one spot to another, making a bigger mess everywhere you go by spreading the clutter all around?

Being organized in your approach to decluttering can help stop the chaos from spreading and help you stay focused on the area you are working in.

I use to have this problem all the time, I would routinely make a bigger mess everywhere else as I was tackling a space, only to run out of time to tackled the other spaces I ‘messed up’ as I went. But over the past 12 years of being a professional Organizer I have learned the system to staying focused and getting a job done! Thank Goodness or I might have been out of a job if I made clients spaces messier than when I started lol

Tips to stay focused:

SORT IT OUT – before you move anything anywhere else think about what this clutter is, what goes together, and think about where it actually belongs. Have a box for the other areas in the home that the stuff that is moving actually belongs. Keep like with like to make putting it back easier after.

BE RUTHLESS AND REDUCE – Realize that to actually declutter you have to let things go not just move them around. Reduce – Reduce –Reduce. It’s all about simplifying your life and to do that you have to simplify how much stuff you have. Does this stuff serve you NOW? No, then let it go!

GIVE IT A HOME – To be organized everything has to have a home to live. Make the decisions while you go and decide where these things should live. PLAN the time to actually do this step so you don’t end up with a bunch of boxes full of stuff with no home.

stop moving clutterI know lots of you will resist the reducing and use the excuse that the stuff is important, I can’t possibly give it away. You have to be HONEST with yourself and make the decision of what you want your space to be, do you want it to be a peaceful calm home for you or do you want it to be a storage space for your stuff. You decide!!

If you have had enough of the clutter and struggle with tackling it on your own, check out my decluttering packages. Together we can get it done quicker, easier and I am a pro at keeping you focused on the task at hand!

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Your Personal Clutter Coach,