5 Steps to Dealing with the Overwhelm of Too Much StuffIs your home stacked full of too much stuff? Are you overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stuff you have and have no idea what to do with it all?

Imagine living in a space that is clear, clean and uncluttered. Imagine a simplified life where you can move around your space easily. Imagine being able to find your stuff.

The overwhelm in your space can affect your mental state. I had a client dealing with major depression and the overwhelm around his home was too much for him to handle. While he was away we spent several days clearing out the space and organizing the home. When he arrived home it totally transformed how he felt in that space and his road to recovery was helped by the fact that their space was less overwhelming.

it is important to understand the connections between your environment and your mental and emotional states. There is a huge connection there. Dealing with that overwhelm of having too much stuff can affect your health.


Breathe – I want you to take a deep breath in and a deep breath out! Calm yourself down, breathe and ground yourself first.

Dream – What do you want? How do you want your space to feel, what do you dream for your space, what does it feel like? Understanding the end results before you tackle the stuff.

** Decide to take ACTION – You have to take action to make any movement forward. You have to decide you are worth it, your family is worth it and your home is worth it. You have to take ACTION!

Break It Down – Plan out what you are going to do. Pick a spot to start. If everything is driving you crazy start with your bedroom, it is the first thing you see in the morning and last space you see every night. Break it down into the spaces you are going to tackle first.

Get Help – If you cannot get it done on your own, if you have struggled trying to do it yourself then get help. If you do not have the skills to do it on your own, stop beating yourself up for not being good at decluttering or organizing and not having those skills. If you want my help check out my Declutter Packages.

I know some of you beat yourself up thinking it should be easy. Well it is NOT. Only 15% of the population is naturally organized, some of us are great at teaching and coaching too. I am sure there are lots of things you are better than others at, we cannot all be experts in all fields. So if you are struggling, ask for some help and guidance.   

And don't forget to BREATHE!!

PS Here is the link to the Declutter Packages  http://kaossolutions.com/declutter