Resolve to let the clutter go this year 1

We have become of society that is overwhelmed with everything that is coming at us and everything that is surrounding us. The rates of anxiety and depression have skyrocketed over the past 10 years and I truly believe that some of the cause is that we are surrounded by too much…too much stuff, too much information, too much constant binging and notifications, too many demands on our money, on our time, on our mind and our emotions. We just can’t take it anymore.

Your outer world reflects your inner world, and vice versa. If there is too much physical clutter in your life, your mind, body and spirit react to that and get overwhelmed. Overwhelmed bodies get sick, overwhelmed minds get scattered and jittery (anxiety) and overwhelmed spirits retreat (depression).

It’s time to clear that out and take back your life! Resolve to clear the clutter this year.

Some examples of great decluttering resolutions include:

Resolving to clear out certain areas of your space –

This year:

I am going to create a bedroom that is my retreat from the world.
I am going to declutter and organize my kitchen to support healthier eating habits.
I am going to get my car IN the garage.
I am going to keep only what supports my life now and pay it forward all the stuff I do not need, use or want anymore.

Resolving to clear mental clutter-

This year:
I am going to turn off notifications and take time to disconnect
I am going to say NO more often to things I do not want to do
I am going to stop worrying about what is not mine

Resolving to clear spiritual/emotional clutter:

This year:
I am going to take time to be still and breath
I am going to learn to breath and not react in anger so easily
I am going to go to a yoga class
I am going to learn to meditate
I am going to release my limiting beliefs and work on focusing on beliefs that empower me.

What's the secret to sticking with them?

It takes perseverance and determination to release old habits and create new ones. If you try to do too much at once you most likely will not be successful. My advice is to pick one area and start there. Stick with it and be okay when you fall off the wagon for a minute. Don’t spend time beating yourself up for falling off…just get back on and try again. Then add more as you get comfortable. It’s like starting at the gym, you don’t go in and immediately start running 20km…you work your way up to whatever your goal is. Little by little, bite by bite, one piece of clutter at a time!

How do we keep from feeling overwhelmed when we tackle that first task?

Breathe! Know that you are taking on a new challenge and learning new skills as you go, so you won’t be an expert when you first start and that is okay! Just breath and keep moving forward.

Find people or a group to support you through the process. Join my clutter support group on Facebook or find your own little group to work though the process together.

If the task is way over your skill set and you have failed at it in the past, then please hire a coach to help you through it. There is nothing wrong with asking for help for something that is not your strong suit. We don’t think twice about getting a coach or taking a course to learn to golf, ski or even learn business skills so why would you be hesitant to get a coach to help you learn to declutter and let go if that is what you need!

What if the clutter in your space is someone else' children who've moved out or parents who've decided to downsize and send all their stuff your way?

First – if it is in YOUR house, it is your clutter. So keep that in mind when dealing with other people’s stuff who do not live in your house.

For kids who have grown and moved out, it is a matter of gathering it all up and asking them if they want it. You cannot know what is important to other people, so ask them. Then give them a deadline to get it out of your space. If the kids are still in University or are just starting to get settled but not quite there yet, then you need to make the decision of how long you want to be their storage unit. A few months, a few years, a few decades?? There is nothing wrong with holding their stuff for a while IF you have the room and it is not interfering in your life!

Downsizing parents are a whole other ball game. My next book coming out this year is all about solving the downsizing dilemma. Parents want to give us all their stuff to make it easier on them to let it go…which results in us becoming the family landfill. The biggest things I can say here is learn to say NO thank you and then help them figure out how to let it go gently. They need to learn that their kids don’t want all their stuff……and stay tuned for the book launch in the next couple of months.

Resolving to releast the clutter this year will set you free to have the life you deserve and desire.  

Wishing you all peace and calm,


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