Letting go of things you spent a lot of money on blog
How many of you have kept things because you spent a lot of money on them and you feel guilty or conflicted about letting it go?
old raw videoCan you top this price....This box of video files cost me over $100,000 and a good year or more of my life. It was way before you could grab your phone and just record. We created and produced several organizing videos from these raw videos. We hired professionals. We put everything into them. And then they never really sold.
organizers choice award 2008We lost a lot of money even though they were good and a bit funny. We even won an award for them. It just did not work.
Now I find this box in my closet with the remnants of this dream. I am sweating about actually letting this all go. Finally admitting I am never going to do anything with them. It’s been 12 years. Gulp! That’s a long time to hold onto a dead dream.
So today I look at all I learned from the experience. I am grateful for the people I worked with, the lessons learned and the fun that was had creating. I’m going to let go of the regret and let them go too. I’m going to free up space. Thanks for the experience, time to let go.
If you are struggling with letting go of things you spend a lot of money on, just remind yourself you are moving forward and not backwards.  You won't save any more money holding on to them, if anything they are costing you more the longer you keep them.
There may be tears in this process too. It’s okay. Feel the feelings and move on.