I had a great conversation with a good friend today about manifesting the life we want.  This past year I have come to the realization that manifesting is so much more that just creating the wish list, although that is an important step, it is just the beginning.

January seems to be the time when everyone starts thinking about resolutions and what they want to attract in their life.  Again that is an important part of getting what you want- you do have to know what you want in order to ask for it but we often neglect the 'negative' voices in our heads that say we can't, won't, don't deserve, etc ....loads of advice out there says keep a positive outlook, ignore the negative, push it aside, use affirmation to reprogram, blah blah blah.  This may surprise a lot of people that I am saying this as I am known to be one of THE MOST positive, stay on the sunny side of life kind of people.  But do you know how I do that?

I listen when the negative talk starts, I don't push it down and pretend it is not there or cover it up with an affirmations (not that affirmations are all bad)...I listen to understand where it is coming from, I listen to understand what the unconscious belief is that is hidden causing this negative talk, I dig deep, I argue with myself, I cry and acknowledge this thought for what it is...a glimpse into where my blocks are.  Once I dig deep enough and find the root cause of this negative talk- well then I PULL THAT SUCKER AND SEND IT TO THE UNIVERSE!  Thank You Theta Healing!

That is how I stay so positive, I acknowledge the negative when it shows up and clear it out of my system!

Take the time to listen to your thoughts, dig deep to see where that is coming from, acknowledge it for what it is teaching you about yourself...then kick that sucker to the curb!

Yours in Manifesting an awesome life,
Kim xox