Are you ready to take control of the paper clutter that is covering your counters and piled up on your desk?

The first step to learning how to be in control of the paper flow in your space is to actually know what all those papers are.  This seems like a huge task but a necessary one to actually see and understand the type of paper that is gathering in your space.

 If you have ever watch an organizing show you will know that one of the first steps they take is sorting all the stuff…this is no different.  In order to create an organized system you must first understand what you are organizing so that the system will work for you.

Here’s the Process:

Be prepared it is going to get worse before it get better!

Have boxes/baskets, empty file folders and loads of sticky notes

Start with broad categories and subdivide as you need

Don’t agonize here over what to throw out- get rid of obvious garbage but don’t worry about the rest.

Now start going through piles and dividing them into like categories. Categories will be as individual as you are, use your language so you can identify each pile easily.

Some examples of categories include:

Financial-  budget, bills to pay, receipts, warranties, credit cards, bank accounts…

Home- Mortgage, utilities, property taxes, insurance…

Kids- School, sports, upcoming activities, report cards…

Family- trip plans, event tickets, Christmas lists…

This step will give you the basis of your whole filing paper management system to keep you organized and on top of all that paperwork.

Happy sorting,