Breathe 1You work hard, you look after your family, you give to your community, you have more things on your to do list than time in the day…you are stressed, your mind is overwhelmed, your body is not happy, your spirit is missing, internally there is just too much clutter!

You are just trying to survive the day moment by moment without totally losing it!  

When do you think would be a good time to take a breather?

I can tell you from experience that my breather came when I landed in the hospital in the middle of the night undergoing emergency surgery for a perforated ulcer I did not even know I had.  It was caused by too much Ibuprofen (Advil) that I was taking for a sore back and hip…that I did know I had, but did not do anything about.  I chalked it up to old age and let it go for years! Yup, that was me in 2015!  

6 weeks of recuperation…down time that for most of it I had to rely on others to look after me, drive me, look after the house and family….and I could not work.  No work, no income when you run your own business! It hurt on multiple levels!

The lessons I learned from that are many, but one of the most important is that I need to take time to look after me.  I need to listen to my body.  I need to listen to my mind. I need to listen to my spirit.  The way I learned to do this was by retreating.  Taking time away from the everyday busy-ness of life and give myself time to think, dream, release and breathe.

In today's over stimulated world taking time out is more needed than ever. Depression, anxiety, mental & physical breakdowns seem to be at an all time high. I experienced it myself and see it often with my clients.  Our brains and bodies have not caught up to the speed at which technology has things coming at us, the speed in which we are 'expected' to react, to do things and the amount of crap that is accumulating around us and in us. 

That is why I created Camp Exhale Women's Retreat! It is time to give ourselves permission to look after us.  To take the time our bodies, minds and spirits crave to just breathe and think! 

Studies show that taking time to regroup, dream and just breathe helps our brains, our moods, our productivity, our relationships and ultimately our bodies cope with everyday life. Learning to release and cope with this internal clutter can literally save your life!!

Don't wait for a crash like I did to take this time needed! 

Join us in saying yes to YOU time!

Camp Exhale Women's Retreat 
June 1-3 Square Lake Resort, Alma NB
$699 (+tax) includes 2 nights accommodations, all meals and workshop sessions at the private Square Lake Resort

Register TODAY to guarantee your spot:

PS if you are a guy reading this, please pass it along to any women in your life you feel could benefit from this retreat or surprise your honey and register her.

xox Kim

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