change one habit at a time

Why I love my job


I have a coaching client that I have been working with over the past few months to help her get her financials and paperwork in order, she has been struggling her whole life to be 'good' at keeping up with paperwork and payments and just can't get it!

Last week she came to our session with a big win...we have created a financial tracking sheet that is helping her stay on top of her financials, she has been using them for a few months now and at this session she was proud of herself for how well it is working.

You see, sometimes it takes time to change your habits...there is no miracle solutions! Change one habit at a time, really get it solid then move to the next stage. We are now moving her to the next stage of her frustration and adding some more tracking. 

I love to see the progress that people make as they take control of their life!

change smallMy coach Darlene Smith always says - 'Change small, but change often' to keep moving forward and growing.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with paper, financial tracking and all the piles that gather in your space then I can help. One step at a time, showing you the process I use with each of my clients!

Join my new online course Calm The Paper Clutter launching March 15th.

I have created this program to take you through the process of sorting, purging and organizing all the papers that clutter up your life – including financial, personal, legal, work, activity, kids stuff and we will also be touching on organizing all those extra ‘memory’ papers like pictures, cards, etc. I will be doing 3 online live training sessions and at least 2 open forum Q & A sessions over 5 weeks. All the recording will be available to anyone who takes the program if they cannot make the live sessions and for you to go over again as you move through the process at your own pace, one habit at a time. Other resources will include worksheets, homework assignments and other resources I have that I will be sharing with the program participants as we go.

The program is going to start March 15th and only cost $49 as an intro will not get any lower price for my time, this is a pilot price for sure! Less then 1/2 the price of 1 hour coaching from me, you get at least 5 hours during this course!

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