Do you have a closet that needs organized and maybe a little refresh?  This Closet refresh was done in 2 days. Cost was a can of paint and $175 worth of container cubbies from Bed Bath and Beyond.

This was my own master closet that was my own personal nemesis lol. I have wanted to redo it for years but the plans were elaborate and expensive so never happened. So I decided we could do it ourselves on a small hubby thought I was crazy and fought me all the way but he loves me and went along with it anyway. There was no way I felt I could show my home to people with that embarrassment haha.

before closet full

First Step - Clear It All Out

First off we cleared out the closet.  This step was the reason I never took on this project before.  It seemed daunting even to me to take everything out and I did not want to do it more than once.  Hence the procrastination and not wanting to do it until I could do it perfectly.  Well perfect does not exist in my life, so good enough was the goal.

empty red closet

Wow Look At All That Stuff

You never really know how much stuff you have until it all spread out in front of you. WOW, we have a lot of stuff in that one closet. I will be honest, I did not donate a substancial amount of stuff as I am pretty good at getting rid of what I don't use on a regular basis, but I did manage to get one bag of donated clothes gone, a set of plastic drawers that I hated got replaced by these cute cubes and I did get rid of a bunch of dust gathering under things that had not moved in a long time hehe.

messy clothes on bed F

Fresh Paint Makes Everything Better

Once it was all out, my hubby got to work painting and I got to work sorting and organizing all that stuff. A little shopping trip to Bed Bath and Beyond where I scored some great cubby containers - some big some small to put all those loose items.  Full disclosure...I had to go back again to get more as I did not get enough the first time around. 

cubes on bed 

It was so exciting to see the closet painted...I still can't beleive we lived with that red closet for 12 years.  

Scott painting hor view


Putting It All Back Together

Once it was dry it was time to put everything back in, this is one of my favourite parts. All the loose clothing that was on the old shelves found a home in the containers. Things we use all the time like jammies, yoga pants, tshirts and sweats shirts went into the cubes on the lower shelves. Seasonal clothing and things that aren't used as often were put in the cubes on top.  All nicely organized, although it did take me a few days to figure out what was in each basket lol.

final closet hor view

I am so happy with the end results. It might not be the 'new' modern fully custom closet of my dreams but it is clean, functional and pretty.  Just goes to show that home organizing or staging does not have cost a fortune or even take weeks! A little elbow grease, some paint and containers is sometimes all it takes.

Happy Organizing,