The road to a peaceful and fun holiday season starts with a little bit of planning. For the next 6 weeks I am going to share my best Holiday Organizing Tips so you can enjoy the 2016 Holiday Season spending time as you choose and relatively stress free. Sorry I cannot guarantee ‘relative’ free haha!

I also encourage you to comment and share your own ideas of what works for you.

Let’s Get Started

What are the holidays about for you?

Sit and think about this for a minute to really embrace what this time of year is all about for you and your family.

What parts do you love?  What parts stress you out? Do you love entertaining? Do you love to shop for gifts? do you love to bake? Do you love all the beautiful decorations and spending time making your home pretty?

I encourage you to spend time on the things you love to do.  Minimize the time on stuff you don’t enjoy. De-cluttering and clearing out the stuff on your list that you do not need or love to do.