Regifting is okDo you feel guilty for having a pile of unused gifts that people have given you over the years but you have never used, will never use, don’t need and don’t really love them. You love who gave them to you and you love the thought behind the gift but well you just don’t need that stuff.

Imagine letting go of the guilt…and all that excess stuff by paying it forward to someone else who would use it, need it or love it! Imagine regifting!

I heard a story years ago about the Dalai Lama – He was given a gift during a ceremony he was participating in and a reported who was working with him at the time asked him what happens to all the gifts that he gets. His reply was that they give them away. Taken aback by this response the reporter asked him if he thought this was an insult to the gift giver. The reply will forever be burned in my brain when I read it…he said no, the gift giving ceremony is just that, a ceremony. The gift symbolizes that the giver honours the receiver, the receiver thanks them and honours them back, then the ceremony is over. It  is never about the object, it is all about the ceremony. The acknowledgement that one persons honours another and that person thanks them.  this left a lasting impression for me and totally made sense of the whole gift giving 'ceremony'

A Lot of us are taught at a young age that it is the thought that counts not the gift but we forget this lesson and make the object more important than the thought. Keep this in mind when thinking about the excess gifts you have. It is time to detach from the object and just be thankful to the giver in the first place…without having to keep all that stuff! The ceremony is over!

So I am giving you permission to regift. If anyone has a problem with you doing this then blame me, I can take it. Regifting is OK!

There are however a few simple rules to follow to keep yourself from getting into trouble doing this:

Rule #1 Don’t gift it back to the one who gave it to you - Unless you have a very open and good relationship with them in which case you can ask them if they want it back- but don’t gift it to them .

Rule #2 Remove gift tags- Make sure that the to and from is not still on the gift, check inside to make sure there is no other names or notes that are personal on the item.

Rule #3 Regift outside your circle of friends or family- Make sure that you are regifting an item outside the circle of friends or family who may know each other. People do talk and you don’t want to get into an awkward situation where someone knows they gave you an item that you just gave to someone else.

Rule #4 When in doubt regift to a charity – if you have any hesitation that it may get awkward with the original giver, you have not idea who gave it to you or that the circle may be smaller than you think, then regift your items to a charitable organization who will get it to a needy person or family. No only does this save you from potential embarrassment, it can feel great too!

Rule #5 Only regift brand new items – I don’t need to say more about this, unless something is an antique don’t regift items that have been used!

Rule #6 Be respectful of the original giver – if you are asked straight up if you have regifted it then tell the truth…the truth will set you free (hopefully)

You may still think that regifting is an insult to the ones who gave you the gift in the first place but I will argue that point, I believe it is a much bigger insult to have something wasting away in a closet or basement, never used, cluttering up your space and not living up to it’s own potential…you are holding that stuff back from being useful and fulfilling its destiny!

Regifting is OK if done with respect! 

Wishing you all peace & calm!

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