Breathe 1You work hard, you look after your family, you give to your community, you have more things on your to do list than time in the day…you are stressed, your mind is overwhelmed, your body is not happy, your spirit is missing, internally there is just too much clutter!

You are just trying to survive the day moment by moment without totally losing it!  

When do you think would be a good time to take a breather?

I can tell you from experience that my breather came when I landed in the hospital in the middle of the night undergoing emergency surgery for a perforated ulcer I did not even know I had.  It was caused by too much Ibuprofen (Advil) that I was taking for a sore back and hip…that I did know I had, but did not do anything about.  I chalked it up to old age and let it go for years! Yup, that was me in 2015!  

6 weeks of recuperation…down time that for most of it I had to rely on others to look after me, drive me, look after the house and family….and I could not work.  No work, no income when you run your own business! It hurt on multiple levels!

The lessons I learned from that are many, but one of the most important is that I need to take time to look after me.  I need to listen to my body.  I need to listen to my mind. I need to listen to my spirit.  The way I learned to do this was by retreating.  Taking time away from the everyday busy-ness of life and give myself time to think, dream, release and breathe.

In today's over stimulated world taking time out is more needed than ever. Depression, anxiety, mental & physical breakdowns seem to be at an all time high. I experienced it myself and see it often with my clients.  Our brains and bodies have not caught up to the speed at which technology has things coming at us, the speed in which we are 'expected' to react, to do things and the amount of crap that is accumulating around us and in us. 

That is why I created Camp Exhale Women's Retreat! It is time to give ourselves permission to look after us.  To take the time our bodies, minds and spirits crave to just breathe and think! 

Studies show that taking time to regroup, dream and just breathe helps our brains, our moods, our productivity, our relationships and ultimately our bodies cope with everyday life. Learning to release and cope with this internal clutter can literally save your life!!

Don't wait for a crash like I did to take this time needed! 

Join us in saying yes to YOU time!

Camp Exhale Women's Retreat 
June 1-3 Square Lake Resort, Alma NB
$699 (+tax) includes 2 nights accommodations, all meals and workshop sessions at the private Square Lake Resort

Register TODAY to guarantee your spot:

PS if you are a guy reading this, please pass it along to any women in your life you feel could benefit from this retreat or surprise your honey and register her.

xox Kim

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dealing with too many clothes 2Are you closets bursting at the seams, drawers stuffed full and clothes hanging out on chairs, floors, in laundry baskets and other surfaces?

Imagine being able to open your closet with ease and getting dressed in the morning in peace! It can be done with a little work and some general guidance.

Imagine walking into your laundry room and seeing the floor!

So let’s get started:

Step #1 Establish a base camp – this is where you are going to gather ALL your clothes.

Step #2 Gather ALL YOUR CLOTHES – go find all your clothes and bring them into base camp. Start Step #3 at this time too!

Step #3 Do your laundry – Start your laundry and as it is done bring the clothing into base camp. (this can be happening while you are doing the other steps so you don’t lose momentum)

Step #4 Sort It Out – Put your clothing into categories that make sense to you.   Like with Like based on how you use them, when you use them and what function they serve in your life. This is a key step to getting organized, do not skip this step!!!!

Step #5 PURGE – Time to let go of all those things that you do not wear, need or love NOW. This is a tough step but make the decision based on what is serving you in your life now…does that clothing make you feel fabulous NOW, is it comfortable NOW, does it get used NOW. Let go of the past and live in the NOW!

Step #6 Get HELP if you are struggling – sometimes you just have to have someone else to be there to help you move through the process and help you make the decisions. Ask a compassionate friend, family member of hire a professional organizer to get you through the process with grace and ease. Contact me if you want my help, we can do this in person or virtually!

The myth most people fall back on is ‘I don’t have enough closet space’. From my over a decade of experience this is normally not true…most people use 20% of what they own, if you only kept what you needed and used you most likely have enough room….AND its is so much easier to maintain. 

Benefits of decluttering your clothes 2Benefits of decluttering your clothing and closets include – simplify your life, save time and reduce anxiety. It is worth the little bit of effort!

To get my help contact me here:





5 Questions To Ask Yourself i might maybe someday need thisDo you find yourself stalled trying to declutter your space because you keep thinking you might, maybe someday need this stuff? Everything seems to have a ‘potential’ use and you KNOW just when you let that go you will need it. So you keep it…and never use it.

The law of attraction comes into play when we let things go. The law states what we focus on expands. It’s like when you buy a new car, all of a sudden you see that car everywhere, because you are focused on it…looking for them. The same thing happens when you declutter, the stuff you ruminate about letting go of will all of a sudden be needed, because your're looking for an ‘I told you so’ about letting it go.  

But I can tell you from 12 years of experience that when you do let that stuff go, even when you may need it in the future you find an alternative solutions and only miss it for a few minutes, a lot less time than you most likely would have spent searching for it in your cluttered space.

I use to be a preschool teacher, decades ago, and I could see potential in all kinds of stuff that could be used for crafts for the kids. All you crafters out there know what I am talking about…with a creative mind EVERYTHING has the potential be transformed into something else, so you keep everything. Eventually you have so much you can’t possibly use it all. At some point I had to really evaluate all the stuff I was keeping, some of it had been in my pile for years and I never used it. So I spent some time decluttering and letting the unused stuff go, being realistic that if I had not used it in years I was not going to.

To Help you evaluate things to let go here are 5 Questions I ask myself and my clients when they are struggling with letting things go that they think they might, maybe someday need:

  1. What is the worst thing that can happen if you don’t have that item?
  2. Will you actually be able to find it if you did need it?
  3. Could it be replaced by something else in the house?
  4. Could you borrow the same item from someone else if you needed it?
  5. Is it worth the cost to store it indefinitely?

What you focus on expandsWe all think we need to be prepared for everything, the trade off is a cluttered overwhelmed space. I believe we can live a simpler life with less to maintain. Instead of focusing on what we let go of, how about focusing on what you get – a clear, calm simplified home.

If you are struggling with letting things go and decluttering you space it’s time to get help:


Simple Paper Management Tips

99% of my clients struggle with some type of paper clutter. No matter what they have called me for in the first place we always find piles of paper around. It is a real struggle for a lot of people.

Paper can come in all kinds of forms. It is not just piles of un-filed bills and mail but encompasses a wide variety of things.

Here are the most common types of paper clutter I see:

  • Financial and bill statements
  • Legal papers – contracts, mortgages, insurance papers, birth certificates etc
  • Flyers and notices
  • Coupons
  • Magazines
  • Old cards and letters
  • Pictures and other memory items
  • Work papers
  • Notices and school announcements
  • Newspapers
  • Sticky notes and random papers with writing on them
  • Reference materials - Handouts and info from events or courses attended
  • Materials created for school or work 
  • Papers that you have to do something with – fill out a form, send back to someone, call someone, etc.

So why do you keep all this paper? The answer is normally one of three things:

1.You have not taken the time to actually go through them and decide what needs to go.

2. You are emotionally attached to it and can’t seem to let it go.

3. You have an intention to actually do something with it…but have not got around to it!

Paper clutter can lead to lots of frustration and financial strain. If you do not have a system to keep your financial papers in order, late fees, missed deadlines and bad credit can be a result. Too much paper clutter can be visually overwhelming and mentally exhausting. 

For most people paper management starts with making a pile, then making another pile, oh then another. It’s time to find a better way!

my paperwork has paperworkA few simple paper management tips:

Focus on the now - Start with today’s piles and work your way backwards.

Trash it -OPEN the mail and throw out envelops and junk as soon as they come into the house. Throw out flyers and other irrelevant papers right away if you know you won’t need them (if you do not have a baby in your life then you don’t need the baby’s R Us flyer, right?)

Get Organized -Find a home for your paper! Develop a good paper organizing system that works for you. Keep it simple!

The toll paper chaos can have on your life is wide, and can lead to depression, anxiety and stress if not dealt with. Managing paper piles is key in our life to keep things simplified and under control.

If you are ready to tackle those pile, get them under control and want my help then my virtual Calm The Paper Chaos course is for you. During the 5 week course we will tackle the piles and get your paper clutter under control. Sorting, purging and organizing the chaos! Sign up NOW to take action!

Happy decluttering,


change one habit at a time

Why I love my job


I have a coaching client that I have been working with over the past few months to help her get her financials and paperwork in order, she has been struggling her whole life to be 'good' at keeping up with paperwork and payments and just can't get it!

Last week she came to our session with a big win...we have created a financial tracking sheet that is helping her stay on top of her financials, she has been using them for a few months now and at this session she was proud of herself for how well it is working.

You see, sometimes it takes time to change your habits...there is no miracle solutions! Change one habit at a time, really get it solid then move to the next stage. We are now moving her to the next stage of her frustration and adding some more tracking. 

I love to see the progress that people make as they take control of their life!

change smallMy coach Darlene Smith always says - 'Change small, but change often' to keep moving forward and growing.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with paper, financial tracking and all the piles that gather in your space then I can help. One step at a time, showing you the process I use with each of my clients!

Join my new online course Calm The Paper Clutter launching March 15th.

I have created this program to take you through the process of sorting, purging and organizing all the papers that clutter up your life – including financial, personal, legal, work, activity, kids stuff and we will also be touching on organizing all those extra ‘memory’ papers like pictures, cards, etc. I will be doing 3 online live training sessions and at least 2 open forum Q & A sessions over 5 weeks. All the recording will be available to anyone who takes the program if they cannot make the live sessions and for you to go over again as you move through the process at your own pace, one habit at a time. Other resources will include worksheets, homework assignments and other resources I have that I will be sharing with the program participants as we go.

The program is going to start March 15th and only cost $49 as an intro will not get any lower price for my time, this is a pilot price for sure! Less then 1/2 the price of 1 hour coaching from me, you get at least 5 hours during this course!

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